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Baking is our business and it will always come first. We specialize in cakes, cookies, brownies etc.
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Our delicacies are a favorite among health lovers as well and our methodology is impeccable when it comes to sanitation and hygiene. Fresh, nutritional, healthy are just some of the adjectives associated with our name.

The Sweet taste promotes happiness, contentment, calmness, cheerfulness, love and satisfaction in the mind

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  • One of the celebrated and most loved bakers in Bhilwara, no compelling reason to say the great biscuits they make as they are as of now so renowned. The cakes and pasteries are great and aggressively evaluated with different pastry kitchens. Must specify the freshly baked sandwich as well. Super wonderful.
    Nehal Jain
  • I found out about Mahalaxmi Bakers from a friend so I chose to swing by and look at it. I am so glad I did! mahalaxmi bakers was so useful, enthusiastic and obliging! I can't hold up to attempt the sandwich I requested! Much obliged to you for permitting me to be amped up for nourishment once more!
    Priti Gupta
  • I never miss an opportunity to get a treat or a delight from "Mahalaxmi bakers" when I am at the market or in the range of the store. Not exclusively is everything delightful! Be that as it may, Mahalaxmi bakers and her staff are so amazing.
    Himanshu Garg
  • No better way to deal with start my day than to get patties on my way to work. I cherish this place and the staff is too friendly!
    Umesh Saini
  • Our cake was completely lovely!! We gave them pictures of what we had in mind for our wedding cake and when it was conveyed. It was beyond what we had anticipated! Much thanks to you mahalaxmi bakers for making our cake so astonishing!! It tasted stunning as well! Everybody came up to us to tell to us the cake was so great!!
    Anshul Sharma

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